We employ a knowledge-driven approach to design, emphasizing the interplay between research and design. We approach design from spatial, social, and natural ecological contexts, harnessing the strengths of various disciplines. This allows us to create intelligent and sustainable designs.

In the practical tasks of our design firm, we work on themes such as housing for special populations, health, energy transition, talent development, and inclusivity. Through close collaboration with the Veldacademie, these themes are simultaneously approached from a policy and research perspective. This leads to a valuable enrichment of insights, contributing to a broader understanding of the societal challenges of our time.

Based on the conviction that knowledge-driven work leads to a better living environment for everyone together with the City of Rotterdam we co-founded Veldacademie. Veldacademie is a research lab specialized in methodologies for action research on socio-spatial issues.

Veldacademie investigates the actual demand and appreciation from citizens concerning living and living environment. By doing so a more effective way of policy making and urban development is being offered.

Veldacademie collaborates with both public entities like municipal and national governments, universities, as well as social organizations such as healthcare and welfare providers, and market players like property developers and architects.

Our direct connection with Veldacademie gives us the opportunity to transform up to date and practical knowledge about the city into sustainable spatial design. As part of our service we therefor offer feasibility studies and program requirements suitable for the exploratory phase of spatial development.


Otto Trienekens, Andrea Fitskie, Anne-Sophie Wouters, Jasmijn Ooijevaar, Ido Ninburg e.a.