Senior housing in a monumental farm

Middenbeemster, NL | 2023 | design study | healthcare housing, nature development, collective functions | private

Middenbeemster is the oldest village in the Beemster, a polder with a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Characteristic of the area, and of other villages in the province of North Holland, is the ‘stolpboerderij’. This farmhouse typology is recognizable by its square shape and high pyramid-shaped roof. This ample space once provided shelter for a large family, livestock, hay, wagons, and other tools. An excess of space compared to the contemporary family composition and activities.

In this exploration, we have investigated the development potential to transform the farmhouse into care apartments for the elderly. Independent homes with communal facilities and healthcare services under one ‘stolp.’ The farmhouse is surrounded by a vegetable garden, plant greenhouse, food forest, and animal enclosures. This provides space for social interaction, physical activity, recreation, and day-to-day activities.